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The active role of excited states of phenothiazine

Jockusch S, Yagci Y, Polymer Chemistry, 7, pp 6039-6043, 2016, http//DOI: 10.1039/C6PY01410K

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Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions for Macro

Silab DS, Doran S, Yagci Y, Chemical Review, 116, pp 10212-10275, (2016), http://DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemrev.5b00586

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New Photochemical Processes for Macromoleculer Syn

Yilmaz G, Yagci Y, Journal Photopolymer Science  and Technology, (2016), 26, pp 91-98,

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LED and Visible Light-Induced Metal Free ATRP Usin

Kutahya C, Aykac SF, Yilmaz G, Yagci Y, Royal of Society of Chemistry:Polymer Chemistry, 5, pp 6094-6098 (2016),DOI: 10.1039/C6PY01417H

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Diazonium salts for surface-confined visible light

Diazonium salts for surface-confined visible light radical photopolymerization. Bakkas İ, Yılmaz G, Ait-Touchente Z.A, Lamouri A, Lang P, Battaling N, Carbonnir B, Chehimi M, Yagci Y, Journal of

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Polyethylene-g-Polystyrene Copolymers by Combinati

Polyethylene-g-Polystyrene Copolymers by Combination of ROMP, Mn2(CO)10-Assisted TEMPO Substitution and NMRP. Arslan M, Ciftci M, Buchmeiser M ,Yagci Y, ACS Macro Letters,5, pp&nbs

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