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Diazonium salts for surface-confined visible light

Diazonium salts for surface-confined visible light radical photopolymerization. Bakkas İ, Yılmaz G, Ait-Touchente Z.A, Lamouri A, Lang P, Battaling N, Carbonnir B, Chehimi M, Yagci Y, Journal of

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Polyethylene-g-Polystyrene Copolymers by Combinati

Polyethylene-g-Polystyrene Copolymers by Combination of ROMP, Mn2(CO)10-Assisted TEMPO Substitution and NMRP. Arslan M, Ciftci M, Buchmeiser M ,Yagci Y, ACS Macro Letters,5, pp&nbs

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Post-Modification of Polybutadienes by Photoinduce

Post-Modification of Polybutadienes by Photoinduced Hydrogen Abstraction from Benzoxazines and Their Thermally Activated Curing. Arslan M, Kiskan B,Yagci Y.Macromolecules, 49,(14), pp 5026–

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Complex Structured Fluorescent Polythiophene Graft

Complex Structured Fluorescent Polythiophene Graft Copolymer as a Versatile Tool for Imaging, Targeted Delivery of Paclitaxel, and Radiotherapy Guler E,  Akbulut H ,Geyik C, Yilmaz T, G

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Polymeric Thioxanthones as Potential Anticancer a

 Polymeric Thioxanthones as Potential Anticancer and Radiotherapy Agents. Yilmaz G, Guler E, Barlas FB, Timur S, Yagci Y. Macromol. Rapid Commun. 37, 1046−1051, (2016)http://

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Synthesis and self-assembly of fluorene vinylene a

Colak DG , Cianga I,Cianga L and Yagci Y, Designed Monomers and Polymers, 19(6), 508-534,(2016) DOI:10.1080/15685551.2016.1169382  In the present work, we demonstrate

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