Theses Supervised

119. New Approaches for Photoinduced Step-Growth Polymerizations.

       Hüseyin Cem Kılıçlar, Doktora Tezi, 2023


118. White LED Induced Degradation of Polyacrylates as a Green Alternative for Polymer Recycling

       Yüsra Bahar Çakır, Yüksek Lisans Tezi, 2023


117. Nanoparticles in Macromolecular Synthesis

       Azra Kocaarslan Ahmetali, Doktora Tezi, 2021


116. Highly Conjugated Visible and Near-IR Light Photoinitiating Systems for Radical and Cationic Polymerization

        Ali Süerkan, Y.Lisans Tezi, 2021


115. New Methodologies for Macro and Micro Structures Hyperbranched Polymers

        Semira Bener, Doktora Tezi, 2021


114. Imine Based Main-chain polybenzoxazines

        Canan Durukan, Y.Lisans Tezi, 2020


113. Visible Light Induced Radical Coupling Reactions for the Synthesis of Conventional Polycondensates

        Büşra Nakipoğlu, Y.Lisans Tezi, 2019


112. Synthetic Strategies for Complex Macromolecular Structures

        Yonca Alkan Göksu, Doktora Tezi, 2019


111.  Design and Application of Novel Photoinitiating Systems for Radical and Cationic Polymerizations Under UV and Visible Light

         Kerem Kaya, Doktora Tezi, 2019


110. Photoinduced Step-growth Polymerization of N-Ethylcarbazole

        Erdem Sarı, Y. Lisans Tezi, 2018


109. Counter Ion Effect of Amine Salts on Ring Opening Polymerization Temperature of 1,3- Benzoxazines

         Buket Akkuş, Y. Lisans Tezi, 2018


108. Photochemical Routes to Hyperbranched Polymers

        Cansu Aydoğan, PhD Thesis, 2018


107. Simple and Green Strategy for the Synthesis of Miktoarm Star Copolymers by Multi-Mode Polymerizations  

        Fikret Şimal Aykaç, MSc Thesis, 2018


106. Ammonium salt catalyzed ring-opening polymerization of 1,3- benzoxazines.

        Azra Kocaarslan, MSc Thesis, 2017


105. Mn2(CO)10 Based Visible-Light Photo Initiating Systems For Distinct Macromolecular Structures

        Mustafa Çiftçi, PhD Thesis, 2017


104. Functional High Performance Polybenzoxazines and Their Properties

        Mustafa Arslan, PhD Thesis, 2016


103. Photoinitiated Metal Free Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization by Using Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons

        Andrit Allushi, MSc Thesis, 2016


102. LED and Visible Light-induced Metal Free ATRP by Using Reducible Dyes in the Presence of Amines

        Ceren Kütahya, MSc Thesis, 2016


101. Pheacylethyl Carbozolium Salt as a Long Wavelength Photoinitiator for Free Radical Polymerization

         Merve Kara, MSc Thesis, 2015


100. Visible Light Induced Copper(I) Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition with Zinc Oxide Semiconductor Nanoparticles

        Özde Yetişkin, MSc Thesis, 2015


99. Oxidative Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling of Terminal Alkynes with Thiols Using Cu(I) Incorporated Schiff Base Network Polymer as Catalyst

        Yonca Alkan, MSc Thesis, 2015


98. Photochemical Strategies for Macromolecular Synthesis

        A. Görkem Yılmaz, PhD Thesis, 2015


97. Functional Conjugated Polymers

      Hüseyin Akbulut, PhD Thesis, 2015


96. Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Thioxanthone as One-component Type II Photoinitiator for Free Radical Polymerization in Organic and Aqueous Media

      Senem Kork, MSc Thesis, 2015


95. Semiconductor Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Photoinintiators Conventional and Controlled  Radical Polymerizations

      Sajjad Dadashi-Silab, MSc Thesis, 2015


94. New Approaches for the Preparation of Polymer/Clay Nanocomposites

      Muhammed Aydın, PhD Thesis, 2015


93. Poly(phenylenevinylene)s as Sensitizers for Visible Light Induced Cationic Polymerization

      Semih Erdur, MSc Thesis, 2015


92. Modification of Polybenzoxazine Precursors by Thiol-benzoxazine Chemistry as a Novel Thiol-X Reaction for Macromolecular Synthesis

      Eliften Semerci, MSc Thesis, 2015


91. Synthesis and Characterization of Porous Macromolecular Materials, and Their Applications

      Ömer Suat Taşkın, PhD Thesis, 2014 (İTÜ En iyi tez ödülü)


90. Thiol-Benzoxazine Chemistry as a Novel Thiol-X Reaction for the Synthesis of Block Copolymers

      Abdulrahman Musa, MSc Thesis, 2014


89. Synthesis of Clickable Hydrogels and Linear Polymers by Type II Photoinitiation

       Eljesa Murtezi, MSc Thesis, 2014


88. Electrochemical Manuplation of Adhesion Strength of Polybenzoxazines on Metal Surfaces: From Strong Adhering to Dismantling

      Cansu Aydogan, MSc Thesis, 2014 


87. Tuning Fluorescence Properties via Sequence Control Technique

      Sinem Yener, MSc Thesis, Universite de Strasbourg, Charles Sadron Institute, 2013


86. Click Chemistry by a Photoinduced Process

      Hatice Şahin, MSc Thesis, Universite de Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, France, 2013


85. Reusable Thioxanthone Based Photoinitiator for Free Radical Polymerization

     Umut Uğur Özköse, MSc Thesis, 2013


84. Hydroxyl Containing Main-chain Polymeric Benzoxazines and Their Modifications

     Betül Hanbeyoğlu, MSc Thesis, 2013


83. Synthesis and Chracterization of Bromofunctional Hyperbranched Polymers by Self-Condesing Vinyl Polymerization under Visible Light and Their Modifications

      Semiha Bektaş Bozdemir, MSc Thesis, 2013


82. Polysulfone Based Oligomers as Precursors for Networks and Block Copolymers

      Cemil  Dizman, PhD Thesis, 2013


81. Kenetlenme Tepkimeleri ile Makromoleküler Yapıların Sentezi ve Karekterizasyonu

      Birol Işkın, PhD Thesis, 2013


80. Prevention of Oxygen Inhibition in Photoinitiated Free Radical Polymerization

      Faruk Oytun, MSc Thesis, 2013


79. Photoinduced Cationic Crosslinking of PEG-Based Polymers with Highly Reactive Vinylether Side Chains

      Emre Tunç, MSc Thesis, 2013 


78. New Synthetic Methodologies for Benzoxazine Based Thermosets

     Kubra Demir, PhD Thesis, 2013


77. Design and Synthesis of Complex Macromolecules and Their Use in Bioapplications

     S. Manolya Kukut, PhD Thesis, 2012


76. Functional Polysufones and Their Use in the Synthesis of Complex Macromolecular Structures

      Şahin Ateş, PhD Thesis, 2012


75. New Photoinitiating Systems for Cationic Polymerization of Vinyl Ethers

      Muhammed U. Kahveci, PhD Thesis, 2012


74. Intramolecular Cross-linking of Polymers by Using Difunctional Acetylenes via Click Chemistry

      Halime Cengiz, MSc Thesis, 2012


73. Visible Light Induced Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization,

      Mustafa Çiftçi, MSc Thesis, 2012


72. Complex Macromolecular and Electro/Photoactive Structures by ‘Click Chemistry‘

       Burçin Gacal, PhD Thesis, 2011


71. Synthesis of Block Copolymers by Transformation of Diffèrent Polymerization Methods Using Visible Light Photolysis

     Gokhan Acik, MSc Thesis, 2011


70. Long-wavelenght Photoinitiated Free Radical Polymerization Using Conjugated Thiophene Derivated in the Presence of Onium Salts

      Selim Beyazıt, MSc Thesis, 2011


69. Synthesis and Characterization of Benzoxazine-Sulfones as Precursors for Thermally Stable Thermosets

      Çagatay Altınkok, MSc Thesis, 2011


68. Influence of Type of Initiation on Thiol-ene ‘Click Chemistry’

      Mustafa Uygun, MSc Thesis, 2011


67. Thioxanthone Type Photoinitiators by ‘Click Chemsitry’

      Deniz Tunç, MSc Thesis, 2011


66. Electron Transfer Reactions for Photoinitiated Polymerizations

      Binnur Aydoğan, PhD Thesis, 2010


65. Thermally Curable Imide Containing Monofunctional Polybenzoxazines

      Hande Çelebi, MSc Thesis, 2010


64. Synthesis and Characterization of Polymeric RAFT Agent by Cationic Ring Opening


     Süleyman Serdar Topçu, MSc Thesis, 2010


63. Synthesis and Reactions of Thermally Curable Benzoxazine Based Polymers by

      Thiol-Ene  Reactions

     Zeynep Beyazkılıç, MSc Thesis, 2010


62. Benzoxazine Containing Polyester Thermosets with Improved Adhession

      and Flexibility

     Alev Tüzün, MSc Thesis, 2010


61. Thioxanthone Derivatives with Fluorene Groups as Visible Light Absorbing


      A.Görkem Yilmaz, MSc Thesis, 2010


60. Functional Poly(vinyl alcohol) as Precursor for Bioapplications

      Bahadır Gacal, MSc Thesis, 2010


59. Synthesis and Characterization of Reactive Intermediates and Macromolecules by Controlled Polymerization and Coupling Processes

      Demet Göen Çolak, PhD Thesis, 2010


58. Benzoxazine Based Macromolecular Architechture

      Bariş Kiskan, PhD Thesis, 2009


57. Macromolecular Engineering by End-group Modifications

      Yasemin Yüksel Durmaz, PhD Thesis, 2009


56. Thermally Curable Benzoxazine-Siloxane Copolymer

      Dilek Sureka, MSc Thesis, 2009


55. Perfectly Designed Aphiphiphilic Polyphenylenes by Combination of Controlled

      Polymerization and Coupling Processes

      Elif L. Şahkulubey, MSc Thesis, 2009


54. Synthesis and Characterization of Polystyrene with Side-chain Pyrrole Groups by

      Combination of NMRP and Click Chemistry

      Mirnur Aşan Barın, MSc Thesis, 2009


53. Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Triptycene Type Photo Crosslinker

     Şahin Ateş, MSc Thesis, 2009



52. New Initiating Sytems for Free Radical Photopolymerization

     Mehmet Atilla Taşdelen, PhD Thesis, 2008


51. Thermally Curable Polystyrene via Click Chemistry

      Mihrace Ergin, MSc Thesis, 2008


50. Thermally Curable Polybutadienes by Click Reaction

      Sevim M. Kukut, MSc Thesis, 2008


49. A New Method for Photoinitiated Cationic Polymerization of Vinyl Ethers

       Muhammed U.Kahveci, MSc Thesis, 2007


48. Synthesis and Characterization of Naphtoxazine-Functional Poly(propylene oxide) amines and Their Thermal Curing Properties

      Ayfer Yıldırım, MSc Thesis, 2006


47. Synthesis and Characterization of α, ω-Telechelic Polymers by the Combination of Reverse Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization and Atom Transfer Radical Coupling Processes

     Binnur Aydoğan, MSc Thesis, 2006


46. Macromolecular Architectures Based on Polyphenylation

     Seda Yurteri, PhD Thesis, 2005


45. Synthesis and Characterization of Various Macromolecular Architectures by Using Combined Controlled and Photoinitiated Polymerization Methods

      Ali Ekrem Müfütüoğlu, PhD Thesis, 2005


44. Synthesis and Characterization of Benzoxazine-substituted Malemide Polymers Photoinduced Polymerization

      Burçin Gacal, MSc Thesis, 2005


43. Synthesis of Cyclohexene Oxide Type Macromonomers and Their Use in Photochemical Cationic Polymerization

       Öner Izgin, MSc Thesis, 2005


42. PHEMA Bazlı Yara/Yanık Örtü Materyalleri

     Cafer Çakal, MSc Thesis, 2004, Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Biyomühendislik ABD,

     (Prof.Dr.Erhan Pişkin ile ortak danışman)


41. Electroactive Intermediates for the Synthesis of Conducting Block and Graft Copolymers

      Faruk Yılmaz, PhD Thesis, 2004


40. Thermally Induced Cationic Polymerization of 2-Ehtyl-2-Oxazoline by Benzyl Pyridinium and Anilinium Salts with Bromide Counter Anions

      Halil Kirlibal, MSc Thesis, 2004


39. Photoinitiated Cationic Ring Opening Polymerization Monothiocarbamate

       Nihan Yonet, MSc Thesis, 2004


38. Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Well-defined Macrophotoinitiators Prepared by ATRP and ROP Methods and Their Use in Block Copolymerization

      Mustafa Değirmenci, PhD Thesis, 2003


37. Sythesis of Block Copolymers by Combined Controlled Radical and Promoted Cationic Polymerization Methods

      M.Atilla Taşdelen, MSc Thesis, 2003


36. Free Radical Promoted Cationic Polymerization by Using Bisacylphosphine Oxide Photoinitiators: Substituent Effect on the Reactivity of Phosphonyl Radicals

      Canan Dursun, MSc Thesis, 2003


35. Direct and Sensitized Photoinitiated Cationic Polymerization by Using Phenacylanilinium Salts

      Fatmanur Kasapoğlu, MSc Thesis, 2003


34. Bifunctional Allylic Salts as Photoinitiators for Cationic Polymerization

      Utku Küçüktömbekici, MSc Thesis, 2002


33. Yanma Geciktirici Monomer İçeren Akrilat Oligomerlerinin Fotoçapraz Bağlanması

     Tülin İmamoğlu, PhD Thesis, 2001


32. Synthesis of Block Copolymers by Combination of Photoinduced and Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Routes

      Irem Erel, MSc Thesis, 2001


31. Synthesis and Characterization of Dienic Salts and Their Use as Addition-Fragmentation Type Initiators for Cationic Polymerization

       Zeynep Berfu Yöneyman, MSc Thesis, 2001


30. Yaşayan Polimerizasyon Yöntemleri ile Blok ve Graft Kopolimer Sentezleri

      Ayşegül Başkan Düz, PhD Thesis, 2000


29. Sıvı Kristal Blok ve Graft Kopolimer Sentezinde Yeni Yöntemler

      Yeşim Hepuzer, PhD Thesis, 2000


28. A Novel Bifunctional Addition-Fragmentation Agent for Photoinitiated Cationic Polymerization

      Suat Yıldırım, MSc Thesis, 2000


27. Metil Metakrilatın Yük Transfer Kompleksleri Varlığında Serbest Radikal Fotopolimerizasyonu (Prof.Dr.Gürkan Hizal ile ortak danışman)

      Sare Esra Emiroğlu, MSc Thesis, 1999


26. Novel Addition Fragmentation Agents as Cationic Initıators

      Levent Atmaca, MSc Thesis, 1999



25. Bis-Açilfosfin Oksit Fotobaşlatıcısı ile Serbest Radikal Polimerizasyonu Üzerinden Blok Kopolimer Sentezi

      Erol Daniel Günersel, MSc Thesis, 1998


24. Fotouyarılmış Katyonik Polimerizasyondan Kararlı Serbest Radikal Polimerizasyona Dönüşüm ile Blok Kopolimer Sentezi

      Tuba Girgin Yıldırım, MSc Thesis, 1998


23. Radikal Etkili Katyonik Polimerizasyon

      Aslı Okan Tuna, MSc Thesis, 1997


22. N-Alliloksi Piridinyum tuzlarının Katyonik Polimerizasyonda Başlatıcı Olarak Kullanımı

      Vildan Bacak, MSc Thesis, 1997


21. Fotobaşlatıcılar ile Vinil Divinil Monomer Kopolimerizasyonunun Jel Oluşumunun ve Jel Özelliklerinin İncelenmesi

      Hamid Javaherian Naghash, PhD Thesis, 1996


20. Politetrahidrofuran Makrobaşlatıcı ve Makroinimer Sentezi ve Reaksiyonları

       Ayşegül Başkan, MSc Thesis 1996


19. Aktive Edilmiş Monomer Polimerizasyonu Yöntemi ile Fotoaktif Polimer Sentezi ve Reaksiyonları

      Yeşim Hepuzer, MSc Thesis, 1995


18. Synthesis of Block Copolymers by Using Multi-Mode Polymerizations

      İ. Ersin Serhatlı, PhD Thesis, 1994


17. Polisilan Kullanımıyla Fotokimyasal Blok Kopolimer Sentezi

       Halil Hoştoygar, MSc Thesis, 1994


16. Azo-açiloksim Ester Fotobaşlatıcılar Kullanarak Blok Kopolimer Sentezi

      Tülin İmamoğlu, MSc Thesis, 1994


15. Polisilan Başlatıcılar Kullanarak Vinil Blok Kopolimer Sentezi

      Dilek Yücesan, MSc Thesis, 1994


14. Polimerik Piridinyum Tuzları Sentezi ve Fotokimyasl Başlatıcı Olarak Kullanımı

      Okşan Karal, MSc Thesis, 1994


13. Piridinyum Tuzlarının Serbest Radikal Polimerizasyonda Fotokimyasal Başlatıcı Olarak Kullanımı

      Nilhan Kayaman, MSc Thesis, 1994


12. Polyamid Modifikasyonu

      Haydar Oktay Demirer, MSc Thesis, 1992


11. Functional Polyamides

      Selçuk Denizligil, PhD Thesis, 1991


10. Synthesis of Block Copolymers by Combination of Chain Transfer Polymerization and Iniferter Technique

     Perihan Demircioğlu, MSc Thesis, 1991


9. Azo-benzoin Initiators and Their Use in Block Copolymerization

    Ayşen Önen, PhD Thesis, 1990


8. Polymerization of Acrylamide Initiated by the Redox System Ce(IV)- 4,4- Azobis( 4-cyano pentanol)

    İ. Ersin Serhatlı, MSc Thesis, 1990


7. Makroazonitriles for the Preparation of Polymers with Crown Ether Units

    Ümit Tunca, PhD Thesis, 1989


6. Azo Bağı İçeren Politetrahidrofuran Sentezi ve Karakterizasyonu

     Gürkan Hızal, PhD Thesis, 1988


5. Polymerization of Tetrahydrofuran Initiated by Hycar Polymers in Conjuction with Silver Salt

    Ayşen Şakarcan, MSc Thesis, 1986


4. 4-Vinilsikloheksendioksidin Katyonik Polimerleşmesi

     Gürkan Hızal, MSc Thesis, 1984


3. Aktif Uçlu Politetrahidrofuran Sentezi ve Graft Kopolimerleşmesi

     Metin H.Acar, MSc Thesis, 1984


2. Feniltrifenilazometan ile Başlatılan Serbest Radikal Polimerizasyonuna İyodonyum Tuzunun Etkisi

     Ali E.Sizgek, MSc Thesis, 1983


1. Tetrahidrofuranın Katyonik Polimerleşmesi

     Ümit Tunca, MSc Thesis, 1982